How to pick the right lash tweezers

How to pick the right lash tweezers

How to pick the right lash tweezers

There are a variety of eyelash extension tweezers on the market. Knowing which ones fit your style is hard when you know nothing about them.  My recommended tweezers and their uses for achieving the most perfect lash sets.

Angular Handle – Angular Handle tweezers have a straight handle, but at the tip angle just a little. Use these tweezers for picking up lashes off the lash tray. 

Straight Tip – Straight Tip tweezers are typically used for isolating lashes in the left hand. Use them in conjunction with the Angular Handle tweezers to separate the lashes when finished with a new set. 

Angled Tip – Angled Tip tweezers are used to either isolate the lashes more at the base or to apply volume lashes. The angled tip really helps to get into the root of the lashes to make sure there are no baby lashes getting in the way. 

L Type – L Type tweezers are great for picking up multiple lashes at a time, which is why they are specifically designed for volume lashes.  These are the tweezers I love to use for volume sets, I use these tweezers while working on whispy sets as well as various volume sets, from 2D to 8D.


Keep in mind that you need to calibrate your tweezers when you receive them, all lash artists work differently, and all tweezers have a different sweet spot.

In order to calibrate your new tweezers you can take some nose pliers and squeeze them at the tip of the tweezers in order to equilibrate them. Keep in mind its a good idea to do this with all tweezers that you plan on working with. You can alternatively use this method with tweezers that you drop on the floor. DON’T throw them away immediately, there is a way to fix tweezers that have fallen.

I want to know what are your favorite tweezers ? comment below

How to pick the right lash tweezers
My favorite lash tweezers

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